What is a Himalayan Salt Room?

So many are curious as to just what is a Himalayan Salt Room? We love to answer this question! Take a look at the beautiful video created by Kaleidoscope, the Series for our Himalayan Salt Room. The video about Himalayan Salt & Body starts after just a short intro about Kaleidoscope. We want to thank Kaleidoscope, the Series and Visit PA Great Outdoors for including us as part of the television series. We had lots of fun shooting it.

Welcome to Western Pennsylvania’s newest Halotherapy Salt Room. We want to invite you to a Halotherapy Salt session and enjoy an all-natural session that can help you breathe better, sleep better, and open up your sinuses and respiratory system. It’s even great for your skin.

You can make an appointment online or you can call us at (814) 797-2013 and we will gladly help you get scheduled.

Again, we want to thank all of you for supporting us with the importance of bringing Halotherapy to the Clarion and Knox areas!

Relax, Breathe, and Enjoy a Himalayan Salt Room built specially for Halotherapy salt sessions.

Himalayan Salt Room – Halotherapy

Escape from the high tech world we live in with a 40 minute Halotherapy salt session in our Himalayan Salt Room. Your body will enjoy the all-natural healing properties of salt. Breathe better, sleep better, and relax!

Salt Therapy is safe for most anyone.

  • All natural remedy
  • Improves lung function
  • Strengthens the upper respiratory immune system
  • Cleanses and sanitizes the nasal and throat airways
  • Improves skin condition
  • Improves sleep
  • Clears airways of pollutants

Salt Therapy may relieve the symptoms of:

  • Congestion
  • Coughs
  • Nasal Stuffiness
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • COPD
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
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Salt Therapy has the following properties:

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-viral
  • Loosens excessive mucus
  • Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)
  • Anti-aging (for your skin)

What Our Guests Are Saying…

It was so relaxing! The owner was very knowledgeable and friendly. We had a great experience and highly recommend it!
  • Luxurious experience
Amanda M.
Very relaxing experience. The salt room is beautiful.
  • Gift certificates
  • Thoughtful amenities


Bobbi B.

Surpassed our expectations! We had a wonderful experience & will be back again!

Melissa C.
a wonderful relaxing experience! I booked this to treat my hard working husband, hoping the benefits of the sauna would ease his muscle pains. We enjoyed hearing the history of the home from our host, Ron, as well as the history and benefits of the salt room and sauna room. I recommend going home to a pre made meal or takeout, so you can just keep enjoying the relaxing benefits of the sessions!


Susan D.
Amazing experience! From the complimentary chocolate to the knowledge and kindness of the owner! Overall amazing experience 😊 can’t wait to go back!
  • Luxurious experience
  • Thoughtful amenities


Rebecca L.
The gentleman was extremely helpful and everything was very clean. The room was very relaxing and it was a great experience for the family.


Haley M.
Always wanted to have a Himalayan Salt experience, and we were lucky enough to find this place on our trip to Foxburg, PA. Super welcoming and informative. Great for adults and kids alike. Would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in Halo Therapy.


Ryan Z.
A view inside our Himalayan Salt Room


We offer Himalayan Salt Halotherapy Sessions & Infrared Sauna Sessions at Himalayan Salt & Body on Thursday (Noon to 7 p.m.), Friday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), and Saturday (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Our sessions are by appointment during those days. Our shoppe is open during those same days and hours for you to purchase soaps, Himalayan salt lamps, Watkins 1868 spices, olive oils, vinegars, gifts, or gift cards.

Introductory Offer – Limited Time Only

$29.95 for one 1 Person
$44.95 for 2 People ($22.48 per person)
$54.95 for 3 People ($18.32 per person)
$64.95 for 4 People ($16.24 per person)

All Halotherapy/Salt room sessions are private. Please respect the privacy of all of our guests and turn your cell phones off before entering our business. We have people relaxing in the Salt Room and Sauna at all times thru the day and appreciate speaking softly. Talking on a cell phone is discouraged while inside our business at any time. Please take cell calls outside. Thank you.

$19.95 – 1 Person per session
$29.95 – 2 People per session (Our sauna fits 2 people comfortable)

If you plan to book both a salt room session and a sauna session, please book the salt room session first and then the sauna session. Book them 1 hour apart to allow for time in-between to finish on time.

Each session in the Infrared Sauna is a private sauna session unless you choose to schedule it for 2 people (couples, friends, family, etc.). The sauna is large enough for 2 people to share a sauna session. You will be in the sauna together. It is rated for 3 people, but fits two comfortably.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.


Gift Cards

We offer 3 types of gift cards for our salt room. If you have any questions, please call us and we can help choose what is best for you.

Online: Need a gift in a hurry? This is the best option for a quick gift card 24/7. You can choose how much money you want to give and an email will be sent to your friend or loved one. They are easy and can be used for any service or products at our Halotherapy/Salt Room. They just need to bring the numbers off of the email or a print of it when using it.

Plastic Card: These are credit-card-like gift cards that we sell at our shoppe. You stop in and we load it with whatever amount you would like to give and then it can be carried in and used anytime for the amount on the card. They will have to have the card when in our shoppe or salt room to be able to use it.

Paper Gift Certificate: These gift certificates are nice for those who want to give as a gift. They are large paper gift certificates and can be purchased to use for the Himalayan Salt Room or Infrared Sauna. These are great for someone who may not understand the online or credit-card-like gift cards. These are also great for charity or events to be given away as prizes.

If you want to load your online gift card for a specific service, here are the prices to help you decide. Just choose “Buy Product”, choose “Custom Amount” and be sure to add in the email where your gift card is to go. If you want to send it yourself, then use your own email address. Print the gift card when your email arrives.

1 person Salt Session is $29.95, 1 person Sauna is $19.95, 1 person Salt Room & Sauna Package is $44.95.

2 person Salt Session is $44.95, 2 person Sauna is $29.95, 2 person Salt Room & Sauna Package is $64.95.

3 person Salt Session is $54.95.

4 person Salt Session is $64.95.

If you buy any Salt Room Session gift certificate and want to add in another person(s) (room max is 4 people), you just pay the difference at the time of your session.

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