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Pain Relief Himalayan Salt Bath Soak

Pain Relief Himalayan Salt Bath Soak


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Now you can bring warm salt hydrotherapy to the next level with So Well’s pain relief Himalayan salt bath soak.

  • Size: 11 oz.
  • Contains: 33 bath soaks per bottle  | 66 foot soaks per bottle

4 in stock

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For centuries, warm salt hydrotherapy baths have been used to relieve chronic pain. Now you can bring that tried and true method into your home with our pain relief Himalayan salt bath soak. Our replenishing and healing formula is specially designed to relax, and ease inflammation. Feel the restorative powers of 84 different minerals embedded in the Himalayan salt, as effervescent apple cider vinegar and baking soda penetrate deeply to ease even the sorest of muscles. With antioxidant-rich Green Tea extract and essential oils, our Pain Relief Bath Soak is hand-blended with care.

Directions: Our Himalayan salt-based bath soaks are extremely concentrated, only on to two teaspoons are needed per soak for typical baths, and one teaspoon per soak for foot baths. Add more as desired for larger baths.  Dissolve under warm, running water, slip in, and soak until relaxed.

33 soaks for baths, 66 soaks for foot baths.

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