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Himalayan Salt Baby Love Boat Heart Lamp

Himalayan Salt Baby Love Boat Heart Lamp


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Whether you’re looking for the perfect complement for a room or your work space, this pink Himalayan Heart Boat salt lamp is a perfect option to illuminate those smaller spaces.

Mounted on a rosewood base, all of our lamps include a light with on/off switch.

Size: 6 to 7 inches tall, 5 inches long, 3 inches deep

Weight: 4 to 5 lbs

Note: All sizes and weights may vary with each lamp. They are all hand cut from the purest of Himalayan Salt.

8 in stock


Fair trade, handmade Himalayan crystal salt lamps are a beautiful way to enhance your environment and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing soft warm glow in any room of your home or office. This Himalayan salt lamp (made from 250 million-year-old ancient salt crystal) emits a calming ambient glow.

Caution: Never touch a wet salt lamp, always unplug them first. Himalayan crystal salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture. The heat from the bulb keeps the lamps dry. If you’re in a particularly humid area, place near an air conditioning vent to help reduce the moisture collected. Keep your lamp on a flat surface that can be easily cleaned, and protected if your environment produces excess moisture in your lamps. When necessary, wipe lamp down gently with a dry cloth.

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Weight 5 lbs


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